Faith to See

The sun had not yet peeked above the horizon, but the sky was ablaze in red and gold glory when I padded into the kitchen to let the dogs out. The light caught my attention, causing me to stop and stare and breathe out, "thank you" to God. How were the colors so bright when…

The Great Love of Advent

Arundelle Green

 In the night the angel came and bade us go. Up and out of Bethlehem Down, down to Africa Where my son would be safe for now He sleeps, now, on his side, Palms pressed together and cradling the fullness of His rosy cheeks. His eyelids flutter as he dreams, then he sighs Watching him brings peace to my troubled heart. How many little ones did Herod slaughter? Oh my God. This little boy, is he aware of what he has begun? This miraculous one who emerged from my virgin womb Looks at me with eyes clear as a summer day And when he laughs I am drowned in the love Of Heaven’s son. What will come of him, This child who holds my hand in a crowd? The prophets foretold much suffering. Is it wrong that I long to pray for you to change your mind? Born to die…

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The Joy of Advent

Arundelle Green


He’s here.
Oh, Joseph, just look at him.
My heart is bursting,
overflowing with love
and joy.

Shhh, do you hear it?
Listen, beloved.
They are singing
just beyond the hills
where the shepherds sleep.

The song is new.
Harmonies so perfect 
I sigh a smile
and the baby 
opens his eyes.

So tiny, yet ancient.
My mind cannot grasp
who I hold in my arms
yet I know I am in the middle
of history, HIS story.

Oh God, I am not worthy 
yet here I rest
agains the fragrant hay
with Heaven-song all around
and your Son gazing into my eyes.

Take my hand, Joseph,
see the love I hold for 
you, so brave 
to take this on.
This burden of grace.

Look upon the face 
of God,
this beautiful son of ours
who nurses peacefully 
as the melodies fade.

When I pause, truly pause, to enter…

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The Peace of Advent

Arundelle Green

Who in all the world would understand? This holy secret, silent, yet unknown outside of my womb. The angel spoke your name, Elizabeth. He told me of your wonder and of the babe. Just look at you. He kicks and your belly writhes and the smile oh, the smile on your aged face. Your wrinkles deepen as laugh-light sparks from your faded eyes. Renewed, you are. Made new, fruitful, forever a part of the grand story, His story, of redemption. Hold my hand. Tell me what I already know but need to hear afresh. How God supplies the strength we both will need. I am not afraid, yet I am. The war in my spirit rages as the flesh across my belly tightens and bulges. But here you stand before me, evidence of our God weaving the promise of atonement within me. Within us. These infant sons we bear, destined…

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When Late is On Time

Summer sang tonight as the pink sky faded over the pond. I took Curry for a walk, savoring the cooling of evening. Cicadas buzzed from deep in the Shadow Wood as my youngest daughter quietly rocked back and forth in the swing which hangs from a tall and sturdy branch of the Oak Tree not…

Attack of Daddy Goose

Sunlight glittered atop the surface of the pond. The water was smooth except for a few ripples floating away from the geese as they paddled peacefully from the muddy bank. Between them, in all their fuzzy cuteness, six goslings swam. Mother and father goose kept a watchful eye, heads held tall and proud, as they…

Look. A Man.

Over Valentines weekend, my husband and I left Arundelle Green for a quick overnight stay in a Franklin, TN hotel. It’s a favorite getaway for us, close to home but still feels touristy. In the center of town on the Franklin square stands a carefully sculpted soldier. We were just around the corner from the…