It’s true, the world is broken. All around us are the signs of entropy: death, decay, and division. But there is still so much joy to be found! Kick off your shoes and allow me to make a pot of tea. Turn your focus away from the noise beyond the Shadow Wood for just a little while. Explore all that is Arundelle Green…the ponds, the amphitheater of rocks, and the kittens who will greet you with their gentle purr. Pluck a rose from the bushes along the porch of Autumn House and enjoy the sweet scent. Laugh with us as we learn how to mini-farm. (There will certainly be a learning curve!) While here, you can settle in with a good book in the library as you scruff the ears of a dog who will surely lay warm beside you, hoping for such a treat. In spring I hope to have bounty to share from the garden along with recipes and ideas to keep things simple (and avoid killing plants!)

Yes, there is so much joy to be found, so much to discover and learn. I can’t wait to share it with you!