Arundelle Green


He’s here.
Oh, Joseph, just look at him.
My heart is bursting,
overflowing with love
and joy.

Shhh, do you hear it?
Listen, beloved.
They are singing
just beyond the hills
where the shepherds sleep.

The song is new.
Harmonies so perfect 
I sigh a smile
and the baby 
opens his eyes.

So tiny, yet ancient.
My mind cannot grasp
who I hold in my arms
yet I know I am in the middle
of history, HIS story.

Oh God, I am not worthy 
yet here I rest
agains the fragrant hay
with Heaven-song all around
and your Son gazing into my eyes.

Take my hand, Joseph,
see the love I hold for 
you, so brave 
to take this on.
This burden of grace.

Look upon the face 
of God,
this beautiful son of ours
who nurses peacefully 
as the melodies fade.

When I pause, truly pause, to enter…

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