On this first day of December…

In the quiet I can almost hear the angel interrupting the world. Do you not know? Have you not heard? He is coming, he has come, he is here. And I feel him now, that deep and abiding peace he brings. Though so much demands my attention, in this moment my frantic heart slows and I settle in to the big comfy chair as I read of the God who intervened. Out of that long-dead stump that had been cut down and left to rot, a shoot of life grew and grows. A shoot that will be an arrow piercing the heart of the accuser, pushing back against hell’s darkness to bring at last the light of salvation.

Decisions, Decisions

We made the drive out to Shelbyville, Tennessee on a crisp November morning to pick out stain, doors and knobs for our soon-to-be-built bookshelves. My fourteen-year-old son sat in the back of my Ford Explorer, long legs stretched out in front of him from his chosen spot in the third row with the second rows... Continue Reading →

Control this Chaos

In our home, there is a massive shortage of bookshelves. Built in 1999, this fact is quite a surprise because most houses from that time period (especially those built by the same builder as ours) have lots of beautiful built-ins. But, not ours. There is a lovely front room, though, that was used by the... Continue Reading →

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