Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

As you explore this little corner of the web, we hope you will take the time to read and enjoy all the writing and photos we have shared here. Below is a description of each category that appears in the drop-down menu under Explore so you can decide where to start.

Under Ponderings you will find essays, poetry, and thoughts regarding a wide variety of topics. From gratitude (Eucharisteo) to social justice (Justice and Mercy) there is space here to read, think, and discuss (with grace, of course) the good and the hard, beauty and truth spoken in love, along with the struggles that we all face as strangers and aliens on this weary earth. Miscellany is just that: A spot for all the things that don’t necessarily fit into a specific category. Anything from a funny story, photo or meme, to an analysis of current events can be found here. Remember, Arundelle Green is a safe place, so please be cognizant of that as you share your own thoughts. In all things, whether we agree or disagree, we want the Lord to be honored here.

Under Place Making you will notice the subtopics of Incarnation, Celebrations and Feasts, and Family. Here we will share how God reveals Himself through the day-to-day activities and care of our home. We will record celebrations, parties, holidays, and various gatherings that take place here on our property and maybe share some ideas that will make it easier for you to do the same.

Autumn House is our lovely guest house here at Arundelle Green. Some unforgettable celebrations have already taken place when the downstairs living room was empty. Now we primarily use it as a space to host missionaries, family, and friends who need a temporary place of quiet and safety as they walk (or learn to walk) in obedience to the Father. We love birthdays, here, and poolside parties are a summertime favorite. We also enjoy hosting house concerts, mini retreats and giving small groups a place to get away from the noise of everyday life as they engage in deep and meaningful time with one another and with the Lord.

The Library in what was once a formal living room is going to be under construction soon. Here, we will document the building of our beloved bookshelves and share what we are reading (under the category, Reading, of course) and listening to (Accompaniment) as we settle in to this long-awaited room in our house. If you have book or music recommendations, we are always happy to have you share them with us in the comments!

The Gardens. Ah, just writing those words brings a wave of rest over my soul. Under the subheading Theology of Nature we will share how God reveals Himself to us through the beauty of the season, in the growing and the dying, in the seed-time and harvest. If you click on Growth, you will be able to follow along as we establish our gardens, trees, and flowers. We are in the early stages of gardening here, having just built our raised vegetable beds as Autumn ended and cold weather began to creep in. As we sow and grow, both food and foliage, we will share the progress, victories and failures here. We will probably asking for advice, too. Feel free to offer yours!

Shadow Wood is the beautiful, mysterious, overgrown wood that lies behind our house and stretches far beyond to a creek that is, for now, inaccessible to us. But that won’t be for long. We will be exploring the Shadow Wood, carving a path or two through the ivy-covered ground, and maybe, one day, building a barn or structure of some kind to take advantage of the clean cool air beneath the tall canopy of cedar, maple, oak and ash. Check in here to see the beauty that lies within the shadows.

Last, but certainly not least, are our Critters. As our mini-farm grows in population we will share photos and stories here. We started with dogs, then cats, but as time goes by…so will our collection! It will be a fun and light-hearted space where you will surely find a smile warming your eyes as you get to know the inhabitants of Arundelle Green.