We have done it again! Just a couple of weeks ago, we found out a friend’s rabbit had given birth. We considered adding a sweet bunny to our farm, but decided to say no to this one because, well, we have a lot going on.

But then my youngest daughter, Haven, spoke up. She really wanted her and was willing to do the work of taking care of her. So, being the awesome mom that I am, (Just ask our veterinarian. He says I get the prize when it comes to letting my kids have animals.) we went shopping for rabbit supplies before Haven left for a youth retreat.

As we meandered through Petsmart, she tossed around names. I was leaning toward literary heroes or Marvel characters, but she wasn’t excited about any of those ideas. Then, we turned a corner and she saw a sign for “white bedding” which made her lightbulb turn on.

“Betty White! Mom, I can name her Betty White!”

Perfect. You see, my daughter is a huge fan of the Golden Girls. Just a few days earlier, Betty White (who portrayed Haven’s favorite character, Rose) had passed away at the age of 99.

The next day, we brought our own Betty White home to Arundelle Green. She is eight weeks old and just the sweetest.

I took care of her the first couple of days since Haven was at her retreat, but when she got home I had my camera ready and the smile on her face was worth every bit of poop I have cleaned.


Bunnies poop a LOT.

I mean, you have no idea. I had no idea.

But look at the joy in my sweet girl’s face!

Betty White is staying indoors until the cold of Winter has passed, then she will move into her cute hutch nestled near our back porch.

For now, she lives in a cage in the warmth of our laundry room, out of reach of Clara and Hollie who are beyond curious about this new resident of our mini-farm.

And Betty White is enjoying all kinds of love and attention from her sweet caretaker, Haven.

Welcome to Arundelle Green, Betty White! You are going to have a good life here. I guarantee it.

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