We knew Rosa was pregnant, and estimated she would deliver around the end of October based on when we first noticed her growing belly.

We were a little off 🙂

On the morning of October 13, I stepped out of my back door to feed the animals and stumbled upon this sweet scene.

To my surprise, I found five perfect kittens, peacefully nursing their tired mama.

She had given birth during the night and they were all cleaned up. 2 black kittens, two black and white (tuxedo) kittens, and one grey and white kitten. They are all so beautiful and sweet!

I moved the shelter into the garage to protect the kittens from the dogs until they were acclimated to one-another. Once I placed Rosa back in with them, I realized she was purring like I’ve never heard before. Being with her babies made her so relaxed and content. She is an amazing mama.

Needless to say, we have had a lot of fun with this litter, but a bit of stress with the temperatures dropping below freezing shortly after they were born. Thankfully, we have been able to rig a brooding lamp in the garage that works well and they are all nursing well and growing quickly. In fact, they are everywhere!

If you have been following me for long, you know this is Rosa’s second batch of kittens in five months. Since we are realizing the kitty-girl is quite fertile, we have decided to have her spayed once these babies are weaned. As much as we love having kittens, we want to be responsible and not allow her to be overbred. No worries, though. We are keeping two of them, and my oldest daughter has claimed one for herself! So, if you need a kitten, we will have two available…one solid black (like Rosa) and the other is black with silver accents.

If you love kittens as much as we do, you can go over to my Instagram or Facebook pages to see more photos of Rosa, Ashton, and the busy little babies! My middle daughter is crazy in love, so she takes tons of photos which I will post in my stories.

I will never cease to be thankful for the menagerie of critters that greet us every time we go outside! No matter what kind of day I’ve had, they make it better. And watching my kids enjoy the variety of life on the farm makes all the hard work absolutely worth it.

Farm life is good therapy. Baby animals are the sweetest of icing on the cake!

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