Just yesterday, my family and I arrived home from three days in Perdido Key, Fl.

We spent long hours relaxing, enjoying the sights and sounds, and sleeping in the middle of the afternoon.

After the chaotic past two years, it was such a relief to entrust our home and animals into the capable hands of a friend while starting each morning with long, brisk walks by the sea.

Each evening I shared favorite photos of the day. I enjoyed the reactions from friends and family, knowing these photos will reappear each year in my memories as a sweet reminder of this trip.

But then everything froze on Monday. No Facebook. No Instagram. And I just had to wonder…

When is the last time I actually printed photos?

It’s kind of scary, honestly. It’s been years. YEARS since I filled an album. Everything is in the cloud now. I have it all backed up. Safe.



Then I look at the faces of my children, all nearly adults now. I realize the peace we had that day, the connection amidst disconnection from even the most reluctant, and I’m convinced I’ve fallen into the trap despite my best intentions.

The last time I wrote here was on September 1. I have somehow shifted to Social Media for the bulk of my posts because it’s quick and easy. But I had plans for this website right here, plans that still sing to be heard in the back of my soul.

So I’m back with renewed purpose. I’m thankful for the reset and reminder of what I truly love. It’s just in time, too, for Hutchmoot begins on Friday.

If you don’t subscribe to Arundelle Green’s email list, this would be a good time to do so. I’m feeling it will be wise to be less dependent on the algorithms and just write my heart out. Emails will ensure you get notified, if you so desire.

So much good is happening in my life and family and…Monday? It was a great reminder of what is possible when the distractions are put aside.

I’m grateful for it.

Let’s learn from it.

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