I’ve been skipping around in a happy daze, arms full of books as I realize a dream that has come true. When we moved to Arundelle Green we knew a formal living room would sit unused. What to do, what to do? Our home, though spacious and beautiful, had only one tiny wall of bookshelves upstairs. We stood in that empty room and inspiration flickered. What if we turned it into a library? We have so many books, boxes upon boxes collected over a lifetime that had been stored away in our previous home due to lake of space. As we unpacked last summer, we piled the books up along a wall and dreamed…

What if those bare walls held beautiful, dark-stained shelves laden with literature?

What if all the books scattered throughout our house had a central home, where family and guests could peruse full shelves, then nestle into that comfy leather chair while they get lost in a story?

And what if our library had a ladder?

The beginning of something wonderful…

So we dreamed and planned and contracted with a local carpenter to make our dream come true. At last, installation day arrived.

These men brought the shelves into our house in four HUGE sections.

After three hours of hard work, the last of the sawdust was swept away and I stood, inhaling the scent of fresh-cut wood as what I had seen in my mind stood before me in all it’s glory.

May I present to you…the Library at Arundelle Green.

I am dreaming of “far-off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, and a prince in disguise” as I tuck each beloved volume into it’s proper place while steam rises from the coffee just brewed in my long-neglected and resurrected Nespresso.

Oh yes, we also included a coffee bar. Be still, my heart.

If you need me, I’ll be in the library “with a dreamy, far-off look…and her nose stuck in a book.” (And you just might find me singing from high atop the ladder!)

Now that our library is complete, I’ll be popping in here to share our current favorites for adults and children alike, as well as ideas for reading to your kids that will help you build sweet memories. Reading aloud is truly one of my favorite things to do with my children.

For now, enjoy what has been playing on repeat in my happy brain this week!

5 thoughts on “If you need me…

  1. Hi Jeanine, I’m a retired physical therapist that used to work at STRH so I sometimes treated your husband’s patients and sometimes I was a patient! lol. Anyway, I discovered you thru one of his FB posts and decided to check out your blog and book. I loved the book and am enjoying the blog. So happy for you guys with your new mini-farm, and that library looks wonderful…so relaxing! My husband and I always wanted a library with the ladder as well! Anyway, just wanted to finally drop in here and introduce myself. Tell Doc hi for me and I’ll keep reading on… 🙂


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