On a warm Autumn day my father giddily wielded a pair of branch loppers and beat me to the Shadow Wood. Before I knew it, he had forged a path.

We had not yet been able to explore what lay beyond our back yard because the underbrush was so thick and foreboding. The decision had been made to wait until Fall for things to die back a bit so we could safely tread through the vines, seedlings and huge rocks without getting hurt.

The kids and I were enthralled. Within the Wood the temperature drops dramatically and the dappled sunlight dances on the lush landscape. My dad was like a kid in a candy store. He grinned so big as he showed us the way through and the markers he had placed along the way.

As in all things concerning nature, photos can never do it justice. But I’ll sure have fun trying…

We have dreams for the Shadow Wood. A barn, maybe? Lanterns in the trees? What about a tiny quiet cabin or a spot for camping? My goodness, I love it here at Arundelle Green.

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