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Paper Dolls: Trust Your Instincts

You will not want to miss this story that highlights a very real epidemic right here, in the United States. Appropriate for ages 14 and up, Paper Dolls: Trust Your Instincts is a must-read. Your eyes will be open to the signs of human trafficking and your heart will be moved to get involved to help stop this evil that is rampant throughout the world.

It’s always exciting to get new neighbors. For twelve year old Melody, it would turn out to be a life altering experience. Follow Melody and her best friend, Kelley as they discover secrets they didn’t want to know and uncover gut-wrenching truth that threatens to rip a hole in the bubble that, until now, sheltered their small town from the realities creeping ever closer to their own back yard.
Adoption Joys: They expected a Miracle by Doris Howe is a beautiful compilation of stories (including one of Jeanine’s adoptions) that will bless you and move you. God created adoption, and these stories are evidence of His care for the unborn and the orphaned.

Hope for the Adoption Journey, compiled by Katherine Piper, features the heartrending stories of twenty-eight women (Including Jeanine) from very different circumstances who have adopted and fostered children, both domestic and international, of various ages and backgrounds, with a wide range of needs—and who have endured to share their joy. All profits will be used to help prospective adoptive parents bring their children home.

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