In our home, there is a massive shortage of bookshelves. Built in 1999, this fact is quite a surprise because most houses from that time period (especially those built by the same builder as ours) have lots of beautiful built-ins. But, not ours.

There is a lovely front room, though, that was used by the previous owners as a formal living room. It will make a perfect library. Sure, I could put some pretty sofas and arrangements in there and use it for entertaining but our crowd of people is more of a chips and Ro-Tel dip kinda crowd. The formality would be a complete waste of space. We would honestly never use it.

But I do love to read. That, plus the fact that we homeschool, means that there is quite a large collection of books that needs to be…ahem…contained.

Notice Hollie trying to find a soft spot to land…and the cute kid-toes to the side 🙂

It’s bad, yall. The gray table in the first photo has been relegated to the side porch, so the piles continue to grow. I find myself sifting through them, hunting for a specific title, then the piles topple and the mess spreads further across the floor.

And I keep buying books.


But, we finally closed on our previous home (Praise God!) so I am laser-focus on getting our library built at last.

I. Cannot. Wait.

At the time of this writing, I am heading to Shelbyville, TN in a few days to pick out wood stain and cabinet doors. Construction should begin soon and I’ll be sharing the progress here. It is going to be so beautiful! And organized!

Once the library is complete, I’ll pop in here occasionally to share what we are reading and listening to throughout the year. I don’t know about you, but I think it is always nice to get recommendations from others (thus my book-buying habit) because you often discover an author or artist you might have otherwise missed. So, be sure to stop by often! And, of course, feel free to share any recommendations you have as well.

Until then, my big, floofy (yes, I said floofy) reading chair and art pieces are just waiting for their moment of glory. Soon, my darling, soon.

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