“You can say no,” she said. “But I want to throw my nephew a surprise party and I was wondering if we could use your house.”

It was an easy yes. We have a big, spacious home with a pool along with a pool house that just screams to be used for parties. When the Lord gave us His name for our home, He also gave us a vision: Fill it up. Fill it with family, friends, and strangers. Use it. Bless with it. Be generous and allow the Kingdom family to feel at home here.

Pool, swimming, summer, diversity, racial reconciliation, Every Nation, ENC, Tennessee, Middle Tennessee

The surprise went off without a hitch. We had so much fun and the music and laughter still resonate in my heart when I look back on that day.

Poolhouse, surprise party, summer, diversity, racial reconciliation, Every Nation, ENC, Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, shiplap

The pool house had no downstairs furniture yet, so we used it like a big party room. Nearly thirty high school and college students came and stayed for hours. They all knew every single word to every single song from Hamilton, so they belted them out with gusto. My heart was so full. To see my home used in this way before it was even fully unpacked was such a gift, a confirmation of God’s vision for this place.

How wonderful to already have memories of laughter and song to carry us forward as we build our life here! I do not take it lightly, this gift from my sweet Father. We are, indeed, blessed. This home, this land, the beauty that awaits just outside our tall windows is uncommon. God has blessed us, but it is not just for us. He has blessed us to be a blessing, to act as a conduit of His grace to His beloved. His people.

You don’t have to live in a big house to fill it with friends. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make someone feel special and valued. Just look at your gifts, your strengths, where God has been generous with you. Those are the places He inhabits, the fishes and loaves He will multiply. Whatever you have been given, whether it be time, talent, or resources, has been given for the benefit of God’s people. You don’t “have” to share. True.

But you “get” to.

And getting to share is the lifeblood of any follower of Christ. It is an act of worship,

It is life well-lived.

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