The Cats

When my husband and I first married, we “cat-sat” for a friend for about a month. That was the end of my cat parenting for nearly 25 years. I think the line was drawn when one of the precious kitties knocked over and shattered one of our crystal candlesticks. A wedding gift. My sentimentality was offended and I said, “Never again.”

But then we moved here to this beautiful spot of land and, well, there are pests. Mice, moles, huge Dobson Flies (Look them up. I kid you not.) that would be better controlled with the addition of some outdoor felines.

Yes, outdoor only. I mean it.

We outfitted a mostly-empty shed with a bed, water and food dispenser, and litter box. Upon the arrival of our first additions to Arundelle Green they were given some mighty big names.

Meet Ashton and Rosa.

Ashton (so named by my daughter, Haven) is a sweet gray tabby. She is apparently a food hog, too, because she is definitely growing in all directions more quickly than her sister. She loves being held like a baby and having her belly rubbed. She also likes to look you in the eye, which can be a little unnerving for this recovering dog-lover. It’s like she knows.

This is Rosa (named by my daughter, Avery, after the courageous Rosa Parks). She is gentle until she decides she is tired of being held then, watch out for those itty bitty claws! She has recently discovered napping underneath the shed which has given us only a slight heart-attack when we think she has been eaten by a hawk. Thankfully, she is just a deep sleeper. And black. You can’t see her at all in the dark.

We have pretty much kept the dogs away from them until they get a little bigger because Clara goes straight into chase mode when she sees them. This picture is of the moment they laid eyes on her as she came bounding around the fence through the gate that had been accidentally left ajar! Don’t worry, arched backs and loud hissing were enough to send her away, yelping.

All photos copyright 2020 @arundellegreen

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