I have always been a dog person. Ever since my husband and I were newly married we have had dogs. From German Shepherds to Malamutes and multiple odd mixes of breeds, our furry friends have been sweet additions to our home and good therapy. (For who doesn’t love the feel of a warm body curled up at your feet? Or an excited, tail-wagging greeting when you arrive home after a long day?)

So, without further adieu, meet our pups, Clara and Hollie.

Clara, a Cavachon, is the one we affectionately call a “spaz.” All energy, she has retained her puppy-ishness despite all our best efforts to train her. She also has her own Instagram page, managed by her doggie-mom (my daughter, Avery)! You can find her @tea4youandclara2

Hollie’s perpetual scowl may seem intimidating, but don’t worry. She is a tiny little thing who loves nothing more than to cuddle and lick off all the lotion from your legs. She turns up her nose at the idea of an Instagram page, but does make the occasional cameo on Clara’s…just to keep things interesting.

All photos copyright 2020 @arundellegreen

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